4 Fan Favorite Success Tips

Today marks the 100th Episode in our year-long Journey to Success! To celebrate, I’ve put together a special video with some of your favorite success tips.

Tip #1 – For Things to Get Better, You Have to Get Better
Tip #2 – Get Away from Your Needs and to Your Prospect’s Needs
Tip #3 – Let Your Prospect Join Where They Can See Themselves Being Successful
Tip #4 – Change the Meaning of Your Bad Days

I’m so glad you’re taking part in this journey! Keep up the good work and together we’ll reach new heights!



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4 Comments on “4 Fan Favorite Success Tips”

  1. Tremendous value! Thank you, Eric! You make us to see things differently! I remembered a scene from an old movie: a soccer player blacked out for a few seconds (Cuba Gooding Jr) when kicked with other player; everybody was worried about his health! A few seconds later when he was awake guess which was his attitude (his meaning for that situation)? This is it! I can’t stand one more time! or…one more second please!…to enjoy this moment when so many people are worried about me! and jumped up and shared with a whole stadium the joy of playing soccer!

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