ADVANCED MLM TRAINING – Cold Market Inviting and Prospecting with Organo Gold

ADVANCED MLM TRAINING will elevate your success in MLM to the next level.
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In this Video Tutorial you will learn the skills of Cold Market Inviting and Prospecting with Organo Gold.
Ultimately, in order to be truly successful in MLM, you have to learn the skills of Prospecting and the art of making friends with total strangers. The more people you speak to, the more you can introduce to Organo Gold and the more money you will earn…it;s that simple.
A word of advice when Prospecting is this –
Do not go out with the intention of Prospecting. Simply, make it part of your day. There are hundreds if not thousands of people you will encounter on a normal working day. Simply, make a habit of being sociable, asking the right questions and being a good listener.
Register with Organo Gold and get your Business Entry Kit for only $49.95



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23 Comments on “ADVANCED MLM TRAINING – Cold Market Inviting and Prospecting with Organo Gold”

  1. Nice video bro 🙂 
    Hey, but just a friendly advice never close yourself to learning new stuff, the cool thing about the internet is people watch videos like this while you’re out prospecting.
    Take advantage of all the tools available, keep doing what you do brother.

    1. +RoyGuzmanAdventures
      Which area are you from? I did not quite understand your question….I am here to help of course

    2. +OGHealthyCoffeeBiz the guy said in the example that hes not from the area. but most people cant say that beacause they do cold marketing in the are they are from. sorry for the spelling, im from swiss

  2. Folks, if you want people to chase you down about your offer then Google Greg Gomez 3rd

    Look how he prospects and no he doesn’t chase prospects.

  3. Ya ok. Another black guy trying v to pick up a white girls. Ops. Just kidding. Im actually in the networking business. But my personality does not go for this type of approach. But thats okay. Everyone has their style.

  4. Have been in Amway, Herbalife weight loss, Ecoquest air purifiers totalliing 11 yrs yes 11 yrs.  The problem is no sales training, no role playing, no upline with you in the field and no coaching out in the field.  Your making this approach too easy. I do not see you place her bus info into your cell phone to make sure it worked or her email address.  She did not ask you how much you made,  How long you have been in, or she needs more info before she give you her info.  YOu need to show us a profile of prospects who ask tough questions.  What is your success ratio,  how many people do you approach, give you their contact info,  how may are good ns vurses bad nos, how many do you contact ,how many see the plan, and how many sign up and how many do not show up, or how many are retails customers of just wholesalers and not selling.   You are the only leader that did a curiosity approach that i know of congrats.   216-798-2062

  5. It is very basic skill set in Network Marketing! Everyone should have this in their toolbox if they really want to create serious income stream! Thank you!

  6. the only thing i dont like about his contact is ASKING for the number. what ive been taught is assume the number. “put your number in my phone” “give me your phone number, ill call you, we’ll have coffee”

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  8. This is a good approach but if I am going out to the market the only person I talk to is the cashier since you cannot talk to people in the aisle. Therefore briefly I only can give out a card. Here is what I do restore credit $89.00 satisfaction guaranteed.954-536-1537.

  9. This info was good, but I have one questions? He tells people he is not from this area and then says he will call them when he gets back to the office. How can he have an office if he isn’t from the area?

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