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Here's a business building strategy for a binary compensation plan.

If you're in a network marketing company that has a binary compensation plan, here's what I believe to be the best strategy for growing your business fastest.

I hear a lot of people say there is a "power leg" (which technically there is), but I say implement this strategy to grow both legs faster which means your business and income grows faster.

One of the biggest problems network marketers run into is running out of people to talk to.

I'm gonna show you exactly how you can get more leads, sign-up more reps and make more money in your business.

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Binary compensation plan and binary business building strategy



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  1. Thank you for providing a video that explains this concept so quickly and tactfully (less than 5 minutes)! You, darling, just helped implement success into this team’s financial future! We appreciate you! SEE YOU AT THE TOP! <3

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