Cold Market Prospecting Training – How to Prospect – Two Killer Examples

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Want to get better at Cold Market Prospecting? In this video I share with you two examples of how exactly how I broke the ice with two complete strangers, peaked their interest, and pulled their numbers "Cesar Style". =)

Within 10 minutes of parking my car to walk in a grocery store, I met two people who ended up being really cool and after talking to them for a few minutes I decided that they qualified for my opportunity so I peaked their interest, got their numbers, and made a commitment to follow up with them to talk about my opportunity.

It was easy, a lot of fun, and I got to make two new friends. =) Doesn't get much better then that, does it? I never would've thought growing up in a million years that I could actually get paid to hang out and make friends with people.

Seriously, had I know that was a profession a kid, when asked what I want to be when I grow up I definitely would've raised my hand for the job of "professional friend maker" aka "professional network marketer".

I won't ruin the surprise of what I did and how I did it in writing, but in the video below I literally walk you through from start to finish exactly what I said, how I said it, the ice breakers I used, the jokes I cracked, and what I said to qualify them and get them excited to hear back from me.

You may want to pause, rewind, and jot down some notes of what I said and how I said it, but even if you don't that's totally cool, just get the gist and the concept that it doesn't matter what you say it's more about the belief you have in what you're doing and the posture and confidence you exude when you are saying it.

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Hope you enjoyed my video! =)
Cesar L. Rodriguez



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29 Comments on “Cold Market Prospecting Training – How to Prospect – Two Killer Examples”

    1. To me there is no bigger compliment then when people share my trainings with their team… so thank you! =)

      Also I’m not sure if you’ve been thru my prospecting and closing training series I give away on my blog but check it out. It’s currently free. My blog is mentioned at the end of all of my videos.

      Also in a couple of weeks I’m gonna be releasing to my blog subscribers live footage of me prospecting people in the field.

      This will be the best prospecting training you’ll ever see. 😉

    2. +Cesar L. Rodriguez
      Great Video Cesar!! Great Style! What strategy do you utilize on the follow up–more repoire, more relationship building, invite to meeting/face to face?

  1. hi my name is ramy from egypt and i started network marketing for 3 months till now and iam super star of prospecting in my community but with this vedio and those trainings i can be easily master of prospecting in the network community so, thank you for this vedio

  2. This was so awesome! Love your example of confidence and being genuine with people. I can do it! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I just got Life Licensed and starting working with Primerica for a month now. I am a very shy person and very afraid to prospect people or recruit people. But after watching you it gives me so much confidence and i am definitely gonna try my very best. I already make money but i need override so i can make more money, most importantly i want to help many families.

    1. Andrew Martin yes i understand a investment is better than none but if you already understand the market you would know primerica isn’t the best as they proclaim also the first thing they have you do is call all your contacts in which some people aren’t educated in this and trust the friend/family member since the relationship between them

    2. Majoris first, I absolutely do understand the market it’s my job to understand. Second, I don’t know anywhere that Primerica claims it’s the best out there and all if it’s products are the best. In my 18 years I can recite 100s of situations where in was unable to help a family because what they were currently doing was better. What Primerica does claim is to always do what’s best for the family. Are there agents that may not do that or screw up? Of course, there’s 120,000 of us, it’s bound to happen. But we don’t claim to the best we just claim to do always do what’s right.
      Also, as I said, the people I train come with me on 3 appointments to see what it is we do and how to help families. We suggest we see their loved ones and the people they know NOT to get them as clients but so that the new persons family and friends know what it’s they will be doing and IF that friend or family member believes it’s valuable then the new person can use them as a referral source or to practice on once they are trained. Do some offices do it differently? Of course, there’s 1000s of offices. I’m just telling you how I train new people. For example, Some offices in the same city as I’m in make new people get their license first. I make sure new people get trained first. Get referrals. Make some money. So when they go to the course they are passionate about passing. Just as one example of maybe perhaps you’re right and the specific office you went to did ask you to do the things you say. My point was I guess to not just assume because one office asked you to do something or one person in that office does training a certain way that that’s the company. Each office has a Vice President in charge of how their office is operated. Primerica the company would never demand something like from you and I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

    3. Andrew Martin im saying the people you talk to are unaware of how life insurance and investments work in the real world and a close relative is convincing enough to trust “whatever” you tell them

    4. Andrew Martin there is more than one way to reach success i don’t want to look for customers i want them to look for my service/product

  4. Shared this with my team, thank you so much for all the training you give 🙂 each time I have any fear before approaching a cold market prospect I always ask myself ‘what would Cesar do?!’ So I pull on my big girl pants and get their number 👏🏻👏🏻 again, thank you for inspiring!

  5. So I just started my network marketing business a week ago and lucked into a video you did from a conference where you introduced b10xb and the immediate yes. It changed my life. I signed my first down line (best friend). I also cold prospected in the bathroom at red robin while my son threw a fit, because I used the phrase b10xb. I got the gals info and we Facebook chatted when I got home. I built rapport found out we have something in common.. and by the end she was ready to sign. unfortunately the price was too high. but she is still interested. And instead of being sad I right now I have access to her network too. so either way it was a win. and I’m playing to win.

    1. initially I thought, don’t approach her she’s working she’ll never want to know…BUT then I asked myself what would I do if I was 10xs bolder. then I did it.

  6. I just got started with world ventures what do I do if they ask for my Information after I ask for they information first

  7. I’m averaging about 5 piques per day w/contacts now thanks to similar training videos like this, spinning a little bit of my approach and take on it. It works! Funnel them into your PBR’s or weekly presentations! … and let your upline close them!

  8. I shared with my down line (yup just 1) .. I already do it like you say but I can’t really explain it like you just did.. thanks a million

  9. What I’m taking from this is that you are connecting with your prospects. That’s money! I will prioritize that when prospecting

  10. hi C, i have peoples numbers but they don’t know who i am, how do i prospect the? how do i call them? do i even call them?

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