Cold Market Prospecting Training

Go to for my private videos. Are you having problems generating fresh leads after you've exhausted your warm market? Ever wonder exactly how many people you need to talk to in order to be successful? Are you scared or unsure of how to go out into the marketplace and network and meet new people that you don't know? Ever wanna know the right types of things to say to peak their interest? Well then this is the training for you! Learn the secret formula and the number of people you need to expose in order to make a six-figure income!

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25 Comments on “Cold Market Prospecting Training”

  1. Great video Cesar, I can totally relate with being shy…..but your video really explains it pretty simply! Gives me a great idea on to do a video! Thank you so much!

    1. im from a third world countries il give you 60,000 ren  all I will be askin is 2pence in return  please reply ps uk only

  2. I would like to know more about how to cold-call rather than the rambling about motivation.

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  4. i wish i could fix this youtube so it plays for me every mornng right after my devotional. Anybody know how I can do that?
    WOW – this is fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  5. i have two emotional reasons – I want to buy my family property so my family who don’t have will have someplace to live as they grow older. I want to set up a community garden that others can rent plots to maintain their own garden area. And for me personally – I want to be able to travel some before I’m not able to. By myself if need be but I want to go. I want this well on the way by the end of the year. I’m afraid to tell others this dream because what if I don’t get it done. It’s not so much that I care what others think but what if I fail to get it done. I believe if I can get this youtube presentation to be running in my head everyday I can get this done. My goal – 15 people I will shake hands with them EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS. (after 10 days I’ll ‘renegotiate my contract with me’ and stretch it out further) I refuse to care if they SAY NO! I’m going to do this starting today. Accountability is to my RVP – I am a great recruiter – starting today – this is happening for me.

    1. julianwhitee do you have a job? that’s a pyramid scheme. CEO making money off your hard work and don’t you have supervisor? manager? every successful business is structures to be successful.

    2. If its a scheme or scam, most these business wont exist due to laws. Alot of these types of business is regulated. Look into real estate, insurance, advertising, radios, media businesses. Stick to your 9-5 job. Some mlm business are just lead generating system to attract customers more effectively. No scam or scheme. You sound like a failed team builder.

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