Compensation Plan Pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing

This video training on Compensation Plan Pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing is now live and available for viewing for everyone. If you are in MLM/Network Marketing, or have ever been in, or know someone who is in then this video is a MUST WATCH.

Regional Ambassador, Diamond LC, GWT Youngest Millionaire Rene Liaw shares with you the pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing. Special thanks to GWT CEO, Top 3 Compensation Plan Experts as voted on BusinessForHome, Ramin Mesgarlou for his knowledge and sharing his knowledge on compensation plans and for mentoring and coaching Rene Liaw.



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4 Comments on “Compensation Plan Pitfalls in MLM/Network Marketing”

  1. A lot of people said the samething about organo gold, and now they have created 40 millionaires last year alone. I think you should stop trying to put other people’s company to elevate yours, and just build your business. kmt

    1. 1.  Clearly you didn’t watch this video to make such an irrelevant comment.  2.  You speak about ‘just build your business’ but you’re going around leaving irrelevant comments on this video?  3.  This video is for training purposes and if you feel that your companies compensation plan doesn’t have any of the pitfalls, then just ‘build your business’ otherwise I hope you picked up some important information that could help you.  4.  I’m guessing you’re from Organo Gold as you’re here mentioning them here.  And I’ve looked at the compensation plan as well.

  2. This is great training Rene!  Thank you!  It will help many people in GWT or others doing research on comp plans, what to be aware of, what to appreciate…  I have been involved in direct sales on a few occasions and I have never had elements of comp plans broken down so well and so easy to understand!

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