Diaries of a Passionate Network Marketer – MLM Mastermind Event – Donna Imson Part 1 -10.30.2010

/ Diaries of a Passionate Network Marketer Cynthia Breed Interviews Donna Imson 10.30.2010 in Houston, Texas at Art Jonak's MLM Mastermind Event
Today I am at Art Jonak's MLM Mastermind Event. Watch as I interview Donna Imson about how she built a downline of millions in her Network Marketing company. Watch as she shares her secrets.

These are my daily Diaries of living as a Passionate Network Marketer, EVERYDAY! Every day is a different event in our lives that we CANNOT get back! when we first start out in Network Marketing we struggle to get it right and figure this out.
So how do we transition from struggling, or having some small successes, to having FUN and PASSION and being VERY Successful EVERYDAY in our Daily Network Marketing life? Well, follow me on my daily journey through life, working from home,enjoying my family, being INSPIRED, learning how to be a better Networker, Mentor, LEADER, and Friend to YOU!! Personal development has helped me become a better mother, wife and successful network marketing leader.

Being successful comes down to learning the skills necessary to persevere, the skills of lead generation through developing your own highly targeted Network Marketing lead and by applying yourself consistently to participate in the vast amount of free MLM training available online and through Mentoring For Free.

I want to thank my inspirational mentors for this. Tom Big Al Schreiter, Michael Dlouhy, Art Jonak and the Success Team Builders.

I invite you to follow me on this amazing journey. I challenge YOU to become the INCREDIBLE and FASCINATING person you were meant to be!

To Your Success,

Cynthia Breed
A Success Team Builder

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