Direct Selling Success Stories: The Widowed Mother

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Direct Selling Success Stories: The Widowed Mother
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

The unexpected death of her husband in 2002 left Debra six-figures in debt and in need of income. Not wanting to sacrifice time with her daughter Sharon, whom she was homeschooling, she got serious about her Direct Selling business.

She simply would not quit. Today she's created a dream lifestyle for herself and her daughter, who is also successfully building the business! Dreams do come true!

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At the Direct Selling Mastermind Event, she was asked to share her story from the stage. Now you can watch her compelling presentation here.

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Video courtesy of the Direct Selling Mastermind Event®



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20 Comments on “Direct Selling Success Stories: The Widowed Mother”

  1. Congratulations on such a huge success so far with your career, I’m sure your story will inspire many others to continue 🙂 

  2. Good story, but I honestly don’t get the companies with those ridiculous complicated comp plans.

  3. Most of us don’t do anything constructive in life, let alone turn it around like you did, Debra…You’re an inspiration for us all!

  4. I too was widowed in 2005. I also started homeschooling three boys in 2007. I have done little jobs here and there to work at home. But late 2012 I was introduced to EOS. In one yrs time I have been able to replace my main at home job that is stressful and used it make me sick and kept me busy at a week anytime you wish I could never be with my boys. I am now that free minus the house and I’m working on paying that off and/or moving into a smaller houses less mortgage.

  5. I am a desperate mother too, just about to start my mlm business part time. I know what she means. Her story totally made my day! God bless her for sharing it.

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