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  1. NetWORK marketing is a job, not a freedom machine. I know. I’ve recruited over 100+ reps, & generated THOUSANDS of leads on autopilot. It’s a dream. Myth. And scam. Not a REAL scam. But its’ a bs dream. If you want REAL freedom. You need a cashflow positive asset that you can garner leverage off of, & make sure you buy assets when there’s blood in the street, and ALWAYS have the best of the best asset management for your cashflow/leverage snowball machine.

    1. John Heerhold he said it did work..but it doesnt give you the freedom you are looking for..you need something more passive like real estate rentals..internet marketing and stuff like that

  2. Holton was already successful in another company even before coming to Organo Gold, that is how he put in 5,000 people in a short period of time.

  3. обалдеть!!!! вот он молодец!!!! зажигает!!!! супер!!!!! лайк от меня!!!!

  4. Awesome, he wanted it and went after it and still going strong, this is true you have to be willing to work for it, the key factors, self improvement, set realistic goals, branding you are the face, internet marketing, learn your product line, learn the industry as a whole, research , execute then success.

  5. Wow that some great advice and strategy. Also we present another strategy at our site that is working well for networkers.

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