How I Recruited 10 People in 10 Days in My Network Marketing Business

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In this video I share some of my best tips for how I was able to grow my network marketing business and how I was able to recruit people to my network marketing business. I was able to recruit 10 people in 10 days by building relationships and using these 5 key tips.

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About this video:
Darin Kidd shares his advice on building a network marketing business by sharing the five tips he used to recruit people into his network marketing business and how others succeed in growing a network marketing team. He shares his techniques for building his network marketing business and breaks down what it takes to a have success in the network marketing industry.



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22 Comments on “How I Recruited 10 People in 10 Days in My Network Marketing Business”

  1. Hey Darin, great advice in this video! Thank you. I guess that my biggest problem is similar to Sabrina’s. I’ve spent the last 35+ years in the military and as a police officer. I retired from law enforcement in 2012 due to an injury and the military in 2015. My biggest road block I feel is my fear of confrontation. It has hindered me in making the calls that I need to  make. I have actually called “friends” and had them aggressively say, “don’t bother me with this s^&* George!” Some just ignore my calls and texts altogether. My business therefore is not going as well as I had hoped. Any advice how to overcome this hurdle?



    THANK YOU..££££…DARIN KIDD.@@@@

  3. This was great! Thank you!!
    My biggest challenge is growing my social media network!

  4. You can call on 9373623862 for free join to amway and to purchase amway product all over india

    1. Thanks Raff for taking time to comment! That’s a great training topic that I can add to my list for future videos!

  5. if the focus is on recruiting rather than selling product, then you my dear are in a pyramid scheme.

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