21 Comments on “How I recruited 112 people in 30 days in my network marketing business”

  1. This is amazing advice! Thank you so much! I needed this boost! Very young in the business. Just signed up.

  2. Thank you very muchas for this amazing tips, i was doing all wrong 😱Thanks, thanks❤️❤️❤️

  3. Fantastic video with rich content & information that will help so many ! I love connecting with network marketing people who truly honor how incredible this industry is 😀

  4. I would really like to ask you sum questions about network marketing I’m new at it and want to get things going but I have a few things holding me back. but thanks for sharing really inspirational story.

  5. if your business is based on recruiting other sellers rather than actually selling anything then that is what is known as a pyramid scheme and is a scam.

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