How to Buy Cheap Traffic for Website and Lead Generation

How to Buy Cheap Traffic for Website and Lead Generation

Would you like to know how to buy cheap website traffic? Well one of the best ways to buy targeted website traffic inexpensively is to set up a retargeting strategy. Sometimes also known as boomerang traffic. In yesterday's YouTube video, I gave you a really solid social media marketing strategy for lead generation ( ) and you guys gave me some really positive feedback about the strategy I shared with you for how to buy cheap web traffic by employing a content marketing strategy to warm up your traffic from social media first before you attempt to send them to a capture page for lead generation purposes. So in this video I'm really going to dive deep and show you how to set up a campaign like this. I'll show you how to use a tool like clickfunnels (aka click funnels) to build out your pages with little technical skill required and then I'll show you how to buy targeted website traffic and set up a custom audience in facebook for your PPC advertising. Then I'll show you how to really buy cheap traffic by retargeting your warm list (your custom audience) after they've consumed your content.

I hope you enjoy this video and I hope it helps you to get more cheap website traffic for your business.



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