How to Dress When Cold Market Prospecting!

See the full post on …. Ever wonder how to dress when cold market prospecting? If so you're gonna love this video and these tips!

I say some pretty controversial things in this video and I felt the need to say them because I feel like a lot of the advice other leaders are giving reps today is outdated, old school, and is actually hurting their business.

After I watched this video I took some time to go a little deeper and offer some additional tips, perspectives, stories, & quotes and them in a blog post on my website that goes with this video.

So for the full experience & complete story watch this video on my blog post here…

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17 Comments on “How to Dress When Cold Market Prospecting!”

  1. During the times when you were really bad at network marketing. What actually kept you going those 4 months through failure?

  2. That Is so true, Thank you so much for your tips Cesar, do you think your wife can make one of this videos for women?

  3. I am from Europe and live in the US so I think I can talk with some authority when it comes to this topic. Your advice works in the US and with americans (born in the US). Americans are more casual and is ok with them if other people dress casual. When it comes to Europe and europeans, people do judge you by what you are wearing, and is better to dress more up (like business, or dressy-casual, or something like that). So i think it depends where you are and who you are talking to.

  4. good advice, i agree on all of it, from experience i can say that what you are saying is accurate. take care and thanks

  5. This man has so much confidence. His confidence is built on an honest foundation. So glad I found him and though him found his wife Tanya Aliza…

  6. Never let your attire affect your confidence! Wow! I have had so much problems with this.

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