How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days – 2017 Episode #14

How would you like to recruit 20 people in 30 days? That may sound like a lot, but it is possible. Several times during my career, I would go on a recruiting binge and get 20 new people in 30 days. In fact, as I look back I would say that the majority of my returns came from the five or six times when I did one of those binges. When I talk to other million dollars earners, they often say that if they were to track where their success came from, it was during those moments where they had a burst of energy, took all of their efforts, and condensed it down to a short period of time.

Some people say slow and steady wins the race. But I say that in Network Marketing, slow and steady kills you. You need to be the rabbit for a period of time, and then the turtle with consistent effort and training.

So, why should you want to recruit 20 people in 30 days? Well, if you really want to succeed this year, I suggest you start by bringing in the class of 2017 soon. You already have your existing team, but bring in that new and fresh team. The fresh group will do more to inspire your existing team than any amount of talking you do.
And bringing in that new team quickly will also give you different results. You are going to get different results if you bring in 20 people in 30 months than if you brought in 20 people in 30 weeks. There will be more energy, passion, and duplication in your business. If you get 20 people in 30 days, you will multiply their chances of success by a factor of ten. There is just so much energy, bursts in comradery and competition, and learning together that you create when recruit in a burst of energy.

Now, you might have not even recruited 20 people in your entire career, yet. But I promise you, if you do the activities, you can recruit 20 in 30 days. You just need to condense everything down.
So, if you want to recruit 20 in 30, we have put together a program, a home study course to walk you through this skill. Through five video modules and a workbook, How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days walks you through step by step. We have had countless people use this course to create Network Marketing success. The results and testimonials blow away anything else we’ve ever done. This course helps people get those 20 recruits in only 30 days.
Normally, we offer this course for $297, but for the next 3 days only you can get it for $197! You have 72 hours to get this deal, and then it goes back to the original price.

Get your hands on this program now, and bring in the class of 2017! You’ll have a better result at the end of the year if you get going at the beginning of the year.

The class of 2017 is waiting for you to come with the skills necessary to show them that you have a better way!



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  1. You are so right. When you enrol in a burst you create energy, excitement and momentum.
    Done it the slow and steady way…and the fast track and what a difference. Go quickly.

  2. I have just discovered you and am so excited with your message!! Thank you for making it so this @tinythgfrmtxs doesn’t just understand but I get it. I am putting it into action, TODAY!!! Much Love friend! Seeds are planted!!! Here I GROW!

  3. I clicked to go the page its sold on and how can there be testimonials from people in JUNE 2017 ? Andrew Seal on “Module Five”
    “Huge thanks Eric….your practical guidance has been beyond anything else since I started watching your videos in 2012….this course is pure gold”

    on Jun 17, 2017

  4. I made it to 57 people in 1 week , 8 marketers and the system is kinda nah, we need more special faces to explain the system from 1-100% so we have more firms for the cashback card to be more used

  5. primero dar Gracias x el video, una sugerencia : en esta ocasión al activar los subtitulos al español, no es coherente lo que habla el presentador Worre con lo que aparece traducido en pantalla, se cortan los textos, se superponen, los quitan muy rápido y no le logra captar el mensaje. Hay que revisar . gracias.

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