How To Recruit For Network Marketing on Facebook – Double Your Business in 60 days.

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In this live training Max demonstrates how to connect with perfect prospects, communicate with them and enroll people into their MLM business in less than an hour a day. Max shows you how to find the best prospects and qualify them before making contact.

Max broke the code to prospecting and recruiting on the original social network America Online in 1995 and has been pioneering social media training ever since.

His formula is truly the fast and easy way to build your business on Facebook and Linkedin In Less Than An Hour A Day

Max is a best selling author, speaker, coach, social media trainer and home based business entrepreneur. He will help you explode any MLM business opportunity with his proven marketing formula for Facebook.

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Once you've exhausted your warm market of friends many reps are have to buy leads. That's why recruiting with Facebook and/or Linkedin makes sense. You are where the leads are.

But you also have to know HOW to use Facebook to connect with the right people.

There is a science to networking with Facebook and finding leaders. Watch as top network marketing trainer Max Steingart demonstrates how to use Facebook's searching features to find the best prospects and close them.

This is groundbreaking training.

Many people report making sales within hours of watching this video. Be sure you don't miss how YOU TOO can follow this easy process and have a dynamite team doing what you do.

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This training contains many Facebook Marketing Secrets that most people don't know about.

Max is committed to bringing as much value to his audience as possible and is continuously providing new training's.

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  1. really want to do this bootcamp but i’m nervous. $400 bucks is all i have to pay my bills this month. so it would have to work-gauranteed

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