How to Recruit People in Network Marketing Using Social Media

How to Recruit People in Network Marketing Using Social Media

The questions I’m going to share with you are proven to work, when you are talking to the right people.

If you ask 5-10 people these questions every day, you are well on your way to making sales on a daily basis!

Michelle Grigsby
Online Marketing Coach


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    1. Thank you so much!  I just used a series of instagram videos (15 seconds) and threw them all into one video… lol… I appreciate your feedback

  1. Exactly. I think this video is very helpful. Thanks! By the way I use youtube to drive visitors to my website since I am a video marketer. Do you want to learn how I do it? In my channel you can watch a video about my course where I teach all that stuff. Go to my youtube channel to check it out. To your success!!

  2. Many people use Facebook just for real friends, not fake ones. If you are sending a request to someone you don’t know, just to sell them something or recruit them, perhaps they reject your request on that basis. I delete and block friend requests when it’s someone selling something. I can look at their page and see they are with Scentsy or Mary Kay or Pampered Chef or they have a blog they  make money off of. This is a “FAKE FRIEND”. I also find it creepy and bizarre that anyone would send a friend request to me when I’ve never met them even once in my lifetime.

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