I Help People Who Are Struggling In Network Marketing!

My name is Ricky Borrows and I know the problems that Network Marketers are challenged with!

Your customers are waited for YOU to give them value to in order to build a relationship with them!

This is how you generate leads that naturally turn into sales!

((( Step #1 – Research Your Target Market )))

– You need to discover and create a customer wish list!
– What are you selling? ( It's not about what the product is, but WHAT IT DOES! )
– What are your customer's biggest problems?
– What are their concerns?
– What are their desires, dreams, and goals?

Here's a hint: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

((( Step #2 Create The Content Through Videos! )))

– In order to get people to respond to you, answer the obvious questions to their most pressing problems! This is how you will be viewed as "an authority".

To create good videos:
– Introduce yourself
– Ask their most pressing question
– Provide the answer ( the solution to the problem VERY IMPORTANT! )
– Call to action ( Example: CLICK HERE to Learn More –

((( Step #3 Promote Your Content )))

Get the word out on Facebook land that you exist and tell everyone who has showed "interest" in the idea of working from home or whatever niche you are in!

You can also post your work from home opportunity in Facebook Groups, but do not post beyond 10 posts every two hours! Facebook is hunting down Struggling Network Marketers and branding them for their continuous spamalicious habits!

((( Step #4 CASH YOUR CHECKS! )))

Now you will be able to quit your 9 to 5 job!

Go on more vacations with your family!

Wipe your debt right out and start donating to your favorite charities!

The possibilities are now endless because you are writing your own checks and people all around you can see this!

My name is Ricky Borrows and I help struggling network marketers get more leads and make more sales on the internet!

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