I Never Lose: Network Marketing Training

In this week’s show, Eric talks about a philosophy he has used to turbo charge his success in Network Marketing and in life. Eric shares that as a very competitive person, he always wants to win. Sometimes you get involved in Network Marketing and you feel like you’re always losing. Somebody says no, somebody quits on you, somebody gets to the next level before you; these are all reasons why we may feel we are losing. For a competitive person, it was frustrating until he was able to change his thinking and view losing in a different way.

With each experience, you never lose. You either win or you learn. What Eric learned in his career was there are no positive experiences and there are no negative experiences. There are only learning experiences and no one can take that away from you. There is always a greater opportunity behind the feeling of losing. You actually learn more during a challenge or going through a struggle. If you have somebody that just breezes through life, then they never have to actually develop their personality or strength. During a challenge is when we get to find ourselves, grow and learn. If you adopt this mentality, you’re not going to lose anymore. Progress is perfection so keep working on you.

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19 Comments on “I Never Lose: Network Marketing Training”

  1. I never lose, I either win or learn! Love this! The struggle is real, learn something everyday!

  2. I am working on developing the ability to see things the way you do Eric! Excellent timing, I needed this!

  3. Olá Eric! Muito bom estou inspirado depois desta dica de ouro, realmente faz todo o sentindo. “Nunca perdemos… Eu Ganhou ou Aprendo. Obrigado.

  4. Hi, Eric!

    First of all, I want to thank you for everything you do for our business
    and our industry. I understand that a lot of people who don’t
    understand the network marketing system still have a lot of negative
    things to say about it. Please take a look at this Entrepreneur.com
    article and please call them out like you did with Dave Ramsey. This may
    or may not affect the mindsets of a lot of our prospects, perhaps, even
    some new distributors.


  5. Eric thanks for your battle to defend the industry. There is a new video out by the talk show host John Oliver who bashed the whole industry with a few bad examples. in a 30mn!!! segment he decided to go after the industry. Can you put something out there to counter that?

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