Is your MLM warm market laughing at you?

Is your Warm Market in MLM Laughing at you and beating you up? Here's exactly how to deal with that and what you need to know if you're in MLM, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, or any type of business where you're destined to get adversity from your friends, family, and neighbors.

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23 Comments on “Is your MLM warm market laughing at you?”

  1. Phenomenal video … ! I started following your posts earlier tonight and was immediately hooked! What an inspiring story and servant driven leadership … thi si the epitome! 🙂 
    I also subscribed tonight to your Free 7 Day Bootcamp and am very much looking forward to the amazing breakthroughs in my business!
    Thank you for everything you do! 🙂 

  2. love this video. its so true!!! i’ve just started few days ago, people are so negative to me and telling me i am working for an online scam. telling me good luck with that…i really hate people beating me up with worlds and acts. yesterday i started to cry when i was out eating Chinese food with my friend, because i can’t hold my anger to the way people putting me down, laugh and negative to me.

    Cesar I found myself answering your questions and saying yes to the screen. That means this is a Top Notch presentation! Kudos.

  4. Thank you Cesar for this video!! Juts finished your Heavy Hitter Bootcamp and LOVED it! Phenomenal! Stumbled across your youtube channel and cannot stop watching! This video hits home and I just want to thank you so very much for your words because they have touched my heart and inspired me. 🙂 Thank goodness for kind-hearted people like yourself! Much love!!

    1. Wow! Thanks Jessica! I’m so touched and honored that you’re getting so much from my trainings! Keep me posted on your journey and success. =)

    2. +Cesar L. Rodriguez
      I will definitely keep you posted Cesar! Thank you once again for all of the amazing information and for replying! 🙂 I am pretty new to MLM and was in a bit of a slump until I tuned into your Bootcamp and now I feel fired up and re-energized to keep it going!! 😀 I agree with you fully in the sense that I would rather suffer the pain of discipline now and work towards my life goals NOW rather than later! 🙂 I look forward to keeping you posted!! 😀

    3. +Jessica Siegner I am very happy I stumbled upon his videos too. I have done tons and tons and tons of research about network marketing and wasn’t getting anywhere. I am not interested in making a Facebook blog or generating leads or any of that stuff, and the info he shares is about going out there are talking to real people which is right up my alley. I am not an outgoing person, but I plan to change that. My warm market isn’t so warm and I am getting fed up with connecting with people primarily online. I rather go out there and help them in person!

  5. cesar this videop speaks through my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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