Jamberry Consultant Training – How To Sell Jamberry Nails & Maximize The Jamberry Compensation Plan

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How To Be A Successful Jamberry Consultant – How to Promote Jamberry Nails Online & Maximize The Jamberry Compensation Plan

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In this jamberry training video you will learn about becoming a jamberry independent consultant top earner by leveraging digital marketing strategies to generate leads online. You can host a jamberry party as a great place to start to create your first sales although at some point you will run out of warm market prospects. There are many jamberry party games you can do online to incorporate leverage into your business building strategy. Thankfully, social media and internet media allows us to share our products. You can quickly fast start jamberry business opportunity for a small one time investment in a jamberry starter kit. You have two starter kits to choose from depending on your goals. The first is the “business basics” jamberry consultant kit for $99 which focuses on the basics you need to get your business up and rolling. This includes the jamberry marketing materials and tools you need from day 1 in your business. The second option to help you with your Jamberry fast start is the “style essentials” starter kit for $199. This starter kit is more focused on the product and allows you to try out an assortment of the products as a jamberry nails consultant.

There are 5 ways to earn money with the jamberry compensation plan 2017. Ths allows for a lot of flexibility in how you want to approach jamberry recruiting and selling. 1) Retail sales bonus – earn up to 40% commissions on your retail sales. 2) Level overrides – earn overrides on sales 3 levels deep in your downline as a reward for growing your jamberry nails business opportunity. 3) Fast start bonus – earn additional bonuses on new consultant sales during fast start period up to 2 levels deep. 4) Advancement bonus – earn cash bonuses when you or your personally sponsored consultants hit new jamberry ranks in the comp plan. 5) Generation overrides – the jamberry nails compensation plan pays you overrides on the sales volume of teams in your downline. Keep in mind your monthly personal retail volume determines your personal sales bonus and overall commission.

Having a jamberry launch party is a great way to get your business off to a fast start. If however you live in a secluded or low populous area it is hard to realistically expect continuous growth in your business solely using jamberry home party games to make sales. Practically all legitimate businesses utilize advertising on media channels to get exposure for their products and services so why wouldn’t you? Nowadays promoting hostess rewards jamberry games can be a virtual experience by utilizing how to host a jamberry online party to reach many people at once with a facebook live. By using a facebook page, you can retarget those who engaged with your video showing ads to these people to follow up with them, continue to provide value and create brand awareness. If you have friends who love the products but don’t want to become a consultant, they can earn jamberry hostess rewards in the form of product credits based on their personal retail sales volume. They also get access to jamberry hostess exclusive nail designs. By observing how top earners in the company build their business you will never run out of jamberry ideas for growing your business.

Traditional offline lead generation strategies such as prospecting friends and family, 3-way calls, hotel meeting, home meetings and home parties only work while you work to grow your income with the jamberry compensation plan. They lack leverage. With these strategies you are trading time for leads. They are always on the road to build their jamberry nails business offline. Did you know they spend 6 hours on the phone per day and this only increases as their business grows. Did you start your jamberry consultant business to create time freedom? Be careful then before chaining yourself to a lead generation strategy that has no leverage. The jamberry nails starter kit and marketing materials may suggest primarily utilizing home parties as a way to build your business, but don’t feel confined or limited to this. It has never been more important with these jamberry consultant tips to develop the skill of lead generation online as it is transferrable to any business.

If you got value from these jamberry marketing ideas and would like to learn how to create leads on demand for your business using the internet so you can ascend the jamberry compensation plan ranks in record time be sure to register for a free spot inside our bootcamp here:

Jamberry Consultant Training – Marketing Jamberry Nails Online – Maximize The Jamberry Compensation Plan

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