Live Cold Calling with Todd Falcone

Live Cold Calling with Todd Falcone – If you are tired of working a dead-end job and finally want to learn how to work from home or anywhere a laptop can go, then click the link for more information and thanks for viewing!

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8 Comments on “Live Cold Calling with Todd Falcone”

  1. Are you kidding. You gave confirmed a persons (a female at that) full name, email, and state out in your freely accessible YT post.

  2. Does this guy understand this video is usless because we can hear only his part.
    As far is I know he might not even be calling someone or making a fake call with his grandma taking to him about apple pie while on the other end he says things like “What kind of product do you want to sell on the market grandma”

    AS I told you grandson APPLE PIE

  3. What about the privacy of these leeds? You’re willingly giving personal information to anybody who has access to the internet.

  4. This is not a cold call. If you’re calling someone who has filled out some sort of form indicating they’re interested in your types of services, that is a freaking warm call. I want to see this dude call someone dead cold…he would fall on his face.

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