MLM Companies – Why People Fail In Network Marketing By Gio Gionta

When people join Network Marketing companies they have some major issues with growing their business because they don’t understand the MLM model and What Network Marketing actually means. It’s all about Networking and the relationships. Why Network Marketing? Because it works and is your key to financial freedom and abundance. MLM success is easy once you understand what makes people fail and how to fix it. The right MLM coach like myself can lead you to have MLM success if you follow the methods we teach to have your breakthrough.

Network Marking tips that will help you when making money online are listed below

There's 8 main reasons why people are failing in Network Marketing:

1) THEY APPROACH FAMILY AND FRIENDS – 98% of the time family and friends will not join you in business. They don't believe that it works, they think differently, they say things like "Oh, this is another scam, and will literally KILL ALL OF YOUR DREAMS, because they are so small minded.

2. THEY ASK EVERYONE THEY KNOW – You have to have clarity on who you want to work with. They must have a positive mindset and be a go-getter. They are people who have an interest in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development (Motivational Speakers), Fitness people, Investors, Sales, or Real Estate people. Those are your ideal business builders.

3. THEY HAVE NO SOLID PLAN – You need to develop a routine from wake up to sleep time and BE CONSISTENT. Understand your traffic plan. How are you getting eyes on your business? Is it by Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, Online strategies or Offline strategies?

4. THEY TRY AND SELL THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE – There's hundreds of Network Marketing companies out there that sell the same types of things you do. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. People buy off of emotion and from people they know, like, and trust. People don't buy your company, they buy YOU!

5. THEY DON'T DETERMINE A PERSON'S NEEDS – Does the person even need what you're offering? You don't know until you take the time to talk to them and offer a solution.

6. THEY SPAM LINKS – Do not spam links in people's inboxes or in Facebook Groups saying "look at my company," or "watch the video." THEY WON'T! That's they QUICKEST way to get you blocked by someone. When you post in Facebook Groups, nobody cares and it doesn't work. People ignore you because they know YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND MARKETING!

7. THEY DON'T DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS – You want someone to care about what you're offering, but they don't even know you. People buy the PERSON, not the PRODUCT, understand that!

8. THEY DON'T GIVE VALUE AND TRAIN OTHERS TO DUPLICATE – If you're making all of the money and not helping others to, they will get frustrated and quit. You have to make content, give value, and train others to get your results!

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MLM Companies

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