MLM Prospecting – 3 Steps to an Effective Invitation

ALWAYS remember, there are 3 Steps to an Effective Invitation.
Use this NOT as a Script, but learn the wording, the concept and the mindset. Achieving Success in MLM is ALL down to the skill of Invitation and teaching the skill of Invitation to others.
1. Keep it Brief
You are not in a hurry, but you are definitely not contacting your prospect in order to answer a lot of questions.Your only purpose is to establish interest and a desire for more information.
2. Show Value and Remember WIIFM
Always remember that ALL your prospects are ALL tuned into the same Radio Station – WIIFM which stands for – What's in it for me.
People don't care about all the other details, just simply WIIFM. Therefore, get to the point and make sure you show value in your invitation.
3. Take it Away
Always follow up your invitation with a Take Away. Make sure you ask your prospect to contact you immediately if they cannot make it. You have maybe 50 other people who are probably interested and you only have time for dealing with a maximum of 10 right now. If they're not going to be available, then you can then replace with someone who is available…Ask if they can do that for you

Example Invitation
Is that XXX, great, this is YYY
The reason I'm calling you, is I just wanted to update you on something that's recently taken place.
They usually ask – what's that…
I've recently partnered up with some people who have been very successful in business and we're some of the first to bring a concept of Healthy Coffee to North America, or Australia, or UK – depending on the Country of your prospect.
What we've done, this organisation that I'm a part of, is we've designed a system to capture 1% of the Coffee Industry over the next 3 years. Now the Agreement we've put together is a 50 / 50 split, but 1% of the North American Coffee Market represents $125million a month in Coffee Sales that's going to go through our organisation and with that 50 / 50 split, that's $62.5million every month, that's going to be paid back to us from the manufacturer.
So my friends, myself and one or two other Executives will be splitting that type of revenue on a monthly basis.
Now XXX, based on what I've said to you so far, would you want to get more information on this coffee, the opportunity or both?
Ok – that's great.
Arrange a time and confirm a mutually convenient appointment.
Now XXX, if for any reason, you can't make it, will you do me a big favour. Will you make sure you call me, because I have about 50 other people probably interested and if you're not going to be available, I can replace you with someone who will be available – is that OK.

If you follow the above recommended invitation techniques, you will have learned MLM Prospecting techniques from one of the most successful MLM individuals in the World, Mr. Holton Buggs. – These 3 Steps to an Effective Invitation can make you rich..!!



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