MLM Prospecting Magic Video #3: The 5 Core Prospecting Beliefs

Learn how to make prospecting simple & easy.

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"I prospect 20 people a day!"

When I first heard Ken say this, I had my doubts. After all, that's a lot of people! Well, I've seen him do it. From our time in Miami, in Thailand,
in the Caribbean, in Canada… and he does it with ease.

And get this, he's been prospecting 20 people a day for the last six years!

So, I figured he could teach me a thing or two. So, my friend Orjan & I invited Ken to my penthouse suite in Miami, put down the recorder and started grilling him.

The information was DYNAMITE!

How Ken Dunn Makes 20 Contacts Per Day
The #1 Secret To Making Prospecting Seem Effortless

The Foundation Of Prospecting
The System of Introducing Yourself

PART 3: (This Video)
The 5 Core Prospecting Beliefs

Creating a Culture of Connecting People Quickly.

Role Play: The Initial Contact
Role Play: The Call Back

Role Play: Setting Up A Get Together
Role Play: 3-Way Calling

Rapid Fire Q & A
Closing Thoughts

Got Lifestyle?



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