MLM Tips: Cold Market Prospecting at the Mall

– Here are some MLM tips for you if you are serious about cold market prospecting and talking to more people. Inside this short video I share how I used my cold market prospecting formula to prospect a guy at the mall.



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14 Comments on “MLM Tips: Cold Market Prospecting at the Mall”

  1. Whoot! Profoundly simple. Simple equals Effective, Effective equals Success! Thanks Ray – You Rock!

  2. Thank you! for sharing. This is confirmation of what we are doing when we are out & about. It does work.  

  3. I love the “are you open to taking a look”? So much better than “are you interested”. I’m going to try this out. Thanks! 🙂

  4. “Would you be open to…?”

    “If I… Would you…?”


  5. I got about 3 leads & contacts in the mall the other day, & about 2 others in a coffee shop. Met another 5 other people that same day without contacts. It’s EASY. I use to recruit online on demand online, but recruiting offline and in the real world is ALOT more exciting!

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