Multilevel Marketing Success – Be Your Own Boss Eps. 03 Yes I Sold Amway.

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Being an entrepreneur and being successful at your own business is very hard. It requires lots of time and dedication as well as risk taking. Join me on this journey of my entrepreneur stories where I make it big and go bust several times. Learn from my mistakes and apply successful actions to your own ventures.

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22 Comments on “Multilevel Marketing Success – Be Your Own Boss Eps. 03 Yes I Sold Amway.”

  1. Tupperware is still around however with mass production now many company’s are able to produce cheap plastic containers on the masses it has lowered the prevalence of tupperware.

  2. Not to take anything away from your words of wisdom, Markee, but the scenery behind you is gorgeous.

  3. Lmfao.. I’ve known so many people go into Avon thinking they have a new career and are going to be millionaires then fail miserably a week later… it’s funny as hell.

  4. I’ve tried maybe 15 different MLM’s over the years… other then 2 I lost money on every one. I made about 40k selling real estate college classes one year, and made several hundred thousand dollars selling financial products, (100k in a single year) but would not suggest it to most people, it’s very consuming and will likely cost you some friends if you are “doing it right” lol.

    1. Hahah, Amway was my first MLM as well… I worked that for 6 months and made $4.68, you would not have believed how excited I was for that check 🙂

    2. +D Ruiz I would rather send all my friends through a Click bank product, but NO I’m not going to, but it would profit more…

  5. MLM is a good way to loose your friends.
    Also, most MLM companies sell YOU materials to assist you in your sales.

  6. I spent weeks studying AMWAY. It comes down to this… you make the money in other sales people. there is NO money in making sales. Its all about the next sucker. All the reward is in who you bring on…. you make more percentage from your sales people than from you actually selling(which should be a red flag for any two year old that can do math). Anyway…

  7. I had a neighbor with a friend who was a preacher and an Amway salesman. He wanted to talk to me about getting involved until I asked him how much money he made last year with Amway. He reluctantly claimed 30 some thousand dollars. When he realized I wasnt going for it, he told me that Im not the right fit and that they were looking for “select individuals”. LOL

  8. Worked at a “marketing” company for a week, selling makeup products to anyone and everyone.  Walked into every store, every door, every floor.  If you don’t talk to every single person you possibly can and if you aren’t in a very populated area, you will not succeed.  Expect to spend 60+ hours a week for 6 months-1 year+ building yourself up to be able to train others to sell product and make money for you.  It is a pyramid scheme but if you’re good at it and can deputize people to sell for you, you can make a lot.

  9. the previous video and this one were awesome i’m going got watch it all the way though

  10. I really like your energy mr Dragon, you seem like a calm, tranquil person. Then again with that backyard so would I 😛

    Keep up the good work.

  11. But. Do they give you some sales education? People who don’t have talent with that may have use for some schooling.

  12. First of all it is a business you have to treat it like a business not a get rich quick scheme anything that will turn into something phenomenal takes work . If you start a business from scratch and started adding employees one at a time and training them saying where you were trained you think that will happen in a few months or so. And furthermore if I was told that I can make a six-figure income by doing this for 10 years straight end it may take me 20 years in my current job that is a good trade-off . We have to open our minds just because someone said they couldn’t do it leave it at that they couldn’t do it that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work because they couldn’t do it

  13. In my opinion Multi Level Marketing is a synonym for Pyramid Scheme.
    I’ve been involved in a lot of pitches for these pyramid schemes but it never seems to motivate me to get into it.

  14. I got involved with AMWay for a bit. What turned me off to it was the very impersonal and, I think, unethical approach they took to finding prospects. At least in my upline.

    My upline preached, emphatically, that I should try and get friends involved and, if they weren’t interested, that I should distance myself from them because they would only hold me back. When I questioned that and said potentially alienating long-time friends seemed kind of a wrong way to go about building a business.

    Their response was, to paraphrase, “Let me put it this way, if they’re friends, they will want to support and join you in your success. If not, then they’ve decided to remain mediocre and keep you there with them. Do you want to be the cream of the crap? Or do you want to grow with our organization and become so successful, all those “friends” who didn’t support you will be kicking themselves and wishing they did?”

    I told them I saw their point, and then respectfully told them I wouldn’t be continuing with them. I can’t stand behind a business that encourages and promotes treating long-time, good friends like throw-away “prospects”.

    I don’t know if it’s like that company-wide, but that kind of attitude struck me as awfully cult-like. So, I got the hell away from it.

    The product I did use from them was pretty good, though. So there’s that.

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