Network Marketing Elevator Pitch – Sashin Govender

Learn the keys on how to peak someones experience which is Cold Market.. Remember the secret in Network Marketing is to SHOW MORE PEOPLE ! There is 7.2 Billion people in the world, enough market share for you and your team.
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5 Comments on “Network Marketing Elevator Pitch – Sashin Govender”

  1. Nice one !!! And how do yo recruit people that you meet on line – FB, Gmail, Twitter……

    1. +Silviya Totevska Get them out to the events, meet for coffee, lunch, tea or just to chat. Now that we have the app that helps too.

    2. +Silviya Totevska You can also use the FORM technique, it’s very effective in getting the RIGHT prospects interested in your business.

  2. What do they say if youre on the plane telling the person what you do , and they ask you to tell them more about it? I cant say I dont have time, lets schedule a time when im up in the air.

    1. Quite simple. If you have a phone/tablet/laptop on the plane in flight mode and if your prospect is showing genuine curiosity, share your 3-step and play the video 🙂

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