Network Marketing Prospecting Training — 5 Prospecting Tips and Techniques

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In this video, I share 5 network marketing prospecting training that is useful for beginners in network marketing as well as those who are looking for network marketing training tips and prospecting tips and techniques. These 5 tips for network marketers will help you learn how to recruit in network marketing and grow your network marketing business.

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About this video:
Darin Kidd shares his advice on building a network marketing team by sharing network marketing training and tips on the 5 prospecting tips and techniques through his network marketing prospecting tips. He helps you in building your network marketing team. He shares his techniques for building his network marketing business and breaks down what it takes to a have success in network marketing.



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23 Comments on “Network Marketing Prospecting Training — 5 Prospecting Tips and Techniques”

    1. Darin Kidd Biggest struggle talking to prospects is not getting ‘salesy’, keeping the conversation organic. But this was a great video, one I will be watching over and over to absorb material

  1. My biggest problem is to go over my affraid of speaking with random people on street.. i’m very nervous..

  2. it seems that when I tell them I can send them a video about our products rather than talking about it- I lose credibility.
    ” she doesn’t even know what she’s selling”
    how do I get past that assumption?

    1. THiNK Media TV for me it’s so hard to get a contact information from people…

    1. I will make sure to add that to my training topics for future videos. Thanks for taking time to comment!

    1. I will make sure to add that to my training topics for future videos. Thanks for taking time to comment!

  3. My number one challenge is being completely effective with all the steps just outlined. Finding opportunities and the proper timing to ask questions with all the distractions. I do notice that just being yourself and casual helps this. My wife and four kids have been out alot lately with birthday parties and we have been doing live happy events and sometimes our conversations are limited to a minute or two. So trying to connect is difficult sometimes when there is much going on. I am outgoing and love people and love to help. When I am out with my two year old it is a little easier to start up conversation but sometimes there is a distraction or the other person must go and I am not quick enough to go through the steps. I have recently put my focus on making connections and if there is no exposure its okay I am building the relationship and the next time we talk there is more of an opportunity to expose them. To me this is going slow to go fast. I know I am getting better every day. As you do the activity you get the power to do it better. Great video Darin! I will be studying this some more. Thank you!

  4. Number one challenge is myself. Have to get out of my comfort zone 🙂

  5. My biggest challenge is finding something to comment or compliment to open the conversation quickly before they walk away

  6. sir actually being from a small city of india and being a girl too. problmem i m facing that where to find out people for prospecting.. i have already tried banks, marriages, parks, temples, social works.. now where should i found 2 people a day

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