Network Marketing Secrets – 3 Tips to Recruit More

Network Marketing Secrets – 3 Tips Not To Lose Friends!

Are you losing friends as a result of your network marketing business? Are people not returning phone calls as a result of how you operate your business? If so then these 3 network marketing secrets are for you.

It is difficult as a new network marketer, there is a great deal of emotion and inexperience as you start your new venture. The excitement is boiling over and you want to tell the world about what you just became a part of. The information about your product or service you now promote is also wanting to jump out of your mouth and slim your potential clients like ozze from ghost busters.

Excitement is good, don't get me wrong, but often times it is the excitement that can cause a rookie mlm'er to make 3 crucial mistake that will cost them, friends, clients and money. Not to mention it will steal all of your excitement and cause your business to deflate quite quickly. One thing is certain, all new mlm'ers need to invest in themselves to learn the proper mlm success tips that will help them keep their business growing and not lose those valuable friends.

These 3 network marketing secrets are all about how not to treat your future clients and business partners. If you are currently doing one of these below listed items, then you may be losing friends and not even know it. And I know some of the other leaders may have told you the some will, some won't, so what, someone is waiting phrase. That is true to an extent, but do not use that as an excuse for losing friends. One thing is certain, people are not against network marketing, they are against network marketers!!

Moral of the story, treat people right and you will find plenty of business partners and clients, wouldn't you agree with that statement? So, here it is a short list of what not to do when talking about you business opportunity or product.

Network Marketing Secrets- Don't be a crazy Network Marketer by doing one of these.
3 things not to do as a network marketer

1. Hype the biz
2. Not qualify
3. Be desperate

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32 Comments on “Network Marketing Secrets – 3 Tips to Recruit More”

  1. Great thoughts!
    I have been working with ISN for about a year now, and it is taking a little bit of time to really understand this network set up mind set 🙂 But you are very right! 🙂
    Thanks for advice! / Michael

    1. +Michael Petersen you are welcome Michael, glad I could help out. If you have questions feel free to connect with me.

    2. +Shawn Andrew Walker Absolutely Shawn. I shall watch more of your videos as I move on in my network marketing set up. You should take a look at the ISN set up. It should not be to hard to understand the opportunity for the involvement in this company. I have never seen any investment like ISN before. (Investing in stocks, real-estate and more.) I is very unique. Have a great Monday afternoon now 🙂

  2. Thanks Man! You make alot of sense with this one. I’ve been doing network marketing for sometime and I really want to succeed with it. I wanna earn millions with this business but alot of negative people always say “NO, it’s not my thing, that’s a scam” . That’s how hard it is here in the Philippines. Can you upload a video on how to handle these people and make them intrested? Appreciate your reply

    1. +Juan Santos You are welcome, appreciate the comments. The only way you can interest people with a negative perception of MLM is to go out and get results. When they see you have success they will start to look at it differently. Many times however, if they are that negative there is no way to change their mindset.

  3. I been in Network Marketing for 24 years … Love the industry … we are launching the Hottest app in 2016 … my phone is ring of the hook thanks … 714-914-1844… great video thanks ..

  4. Pyramid schemes (which is all that MLM ever is) require a sucker like you to sucker in more suckers. Period. Just say no folks. There are better, honest options.

    1. hahaha maybe you have already found something better and you live your dream life. but if is this true , why to be here and criticize??? im a sucker in profit bro im blessed i didnt listen you

    2. I have no doubt your the typical classic click farm shill account made to respond to criticism, but, for the sake of conversation, I’ll bite. I’m simply saying GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES and HUSTLERS are not the answer. Yet. your brilliant logic is to attack someone with experience and knowledge offering free advice that recommends you not be a sucker and fall for get rich quick gimmicks? Wow!

      I have nothing to offer but sound advice. I am not selling anything. I’m just offering advice for free. I’ve run several businesses successfully and I could have retired years ago. The point is, I am NOT selling anything and I am not recommending anything and I don’t want anything. I’m simply saying GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES and HUSTLERS are not the answer.

    3. The Biggest Joke Ever You’ve oversimplified this & you’re assuming an awful lot. This is called “blind faith”. FACT – MLM structures are fundamentally impossible over the long term. This math has been proven time & time again. MLM’s are not “illegal” technically. But eventually the people behind it get caught & by then thousands of victims were ripped off. The penalties are minor and these criminals just start over again unfortunately.
      FACT – MLMs ARE PYRAMIDS in structure. All money goes to the top. Period. The pennies left are fought over by those at the bottom of the pyramid. You’re not seeing (or denying) the truth about the big picture and are lost in minutiae and symantecs.
      MLM = reselling overpriced crap that has too many middlemen. But hey, you go ahead and waste your money, time and energy shilling for snake oil salesmen that make YouTube videos. LOL

  5. So glad you put this content out there. I tell my team this all the time. Now we are in a huge prelaunch where they can start fresh. I hope they listen this go around 🙂 Keep pushing out value my friend 🙂 living vida davina Davena Allard .. Bree Sheffield

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  7. I just watched the video by accident and you know learned the best 3 tips for promoting a business or a product and how to open the opportunity to people. I am a new internet marketer. Thank you 🙂

  8. Don’t email people your op or call or “share” your opp w/friends & family and people you have to kiss up to that you didn’t really like in the 1st place. Collect their email and share your story. Your social proof. & collect these emails on autopilot & w/leverage. 75+ people I’ve had join w/me WITHOUT “sharing” the opp, 3 ways calls, or all that garbage. There IS a better way.

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