Network Marketing Strategies

Network Marketing Strategies
In your network marketing business you want to build three areas;
1.Generate Leads
2. Make Sales
3. Build a Team of Like Minded People

So how to you do that?

In order to generate leads you need a strategy that is going to attract the right people to your online business. You just need to work out what that strategy is…

The strategy is all about attracting the right people to you…it is called attraction marketing.

What you will need to do is to build trust with the leads that you generate so they get to know you, they like you , they will trust you and will want to buy from you and also join your team.

Here is a network marketing strategy that you can use – Facebook.

You can build a huge network of the people who you want to attract to your network marketing business if you do it right.

What You Need to Know

Facebook does cater for your business as long as you follow their guidelines.

Make sure you build a Business Page…do not use your personal page to do your business.

Use this network marketing strategy to build your business;
1. FOCUS ON GETTING FANS FIRST – Work on building your business page by getting people to like your page.

2. ENGAGE YOUR FANS TO BUILD TRUST WITH YOU – Build trust with people who follow you. They are there because you have said or done something that has attracted them to you…so work on posting information that is beneficial to your fans…build that trust. This is what social media is all about building a network of people who like you and trust you. Create value in your posts don't pitch to your fans. Help solve their problems.

3. CONVERT YOUR FANS TO SUBSCRIBERS – You want to build your list so that you can continue to build that relationship with your list. You may have heard that saying…the money is in the list! People will subscribe to your if you can provide value to them and want to help solve their problems.

4. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR LIST – You want to communicate with your list, provide valuable information to them, so they are learning but you are also building trust. You can then provide offers to your list over time of products that you have that can help solve their problems. But you don't want to sell at your list everyday…break it up. There are a few different suggestions made but if you think about offers come to your list on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the rest of the time provide value…remember it is all about them! If you look after your list, you list will over time look after you.

If you want to know more about using network marketing strategies for build your business on Facebook, check out this free training by The Queen of Facebook who has up to now has over 25, 000 fans on Facebook and growing! Go to this blog post to get the free training. Make sure you have your note pad ready to take lots of notes with so much valuable information about Facebook marketing.

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