Network Marketing Success – Fun and Easy Shortcuts to Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success –

Lets break this question down real quick. Can network marketing success be fun? Absolutely! Having success in network marketing means residual income right? And whats better than waking up every day knowing that just by opening your eyes, you already made more money than you used to make working for 8 hours at a job? Don't you think life would become more fun if that were your reality? What would you do with your new found time freedom if that were the case?

Okay here's where it gets a little tricky. Can having success in network marketing be easy? Well it depends on what your definition of easy is… Obviously if network marketing success was easy more people would be successful at it right? The very reason more people aren't successful is because to them, its hard.

Its certainly harder than sitting on the couch and watching TV all day.

But what if we compare going after network marketing success to some other activities….

Tim Sales is a very successful network marketer, author, trainer and coach. I saw him speak at an event in Las Vegas where he shared that prior to doing network marketing he was an underwater bomb defuser in the military. He used to risk his life defusing bombs and he laughed when someone told him about the stresses of network marketing.

Here's what he identified as the worst things about building a network marketing business and achieving network marketing success.

1. Rejection – People are going to tell you no
2. Deception – People are going to tell you that there're going to do something, then not do it
3. Attrition – People are going to quit your team after you sign them up
4. Haters – People will talk behind your back and say your scamming people
So these things can be tough to deal with right?

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