Network Marketing Success Stories: The Restaurant Owner

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Network Marketing Success Stories: The Restaurant Owner
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

In this "Network Marketing Success Story," Eugene Hong shares his journey from working 100 hours a week as a restaurant owner to achieving a lifestyle of freedom through Network Marketing.

Several years ago Eugene attended his first Network Marketing Mastermind Event. At the time he was working hard to make his restaurant business successful while building his Network Marketing business.

Today, Eugene's team consists of more than 45 Diamonds and generates millions of dollars in sales and growing fast. Thanks to Network Marketing he has been able to buy his parents their dream home, spend more time with his family, travel the world and live a life of freedom. And last year Eugene was a featured speaker at the Mastermind Event as a million-dollar club member!

Eugene believes if this kind of success in Network Marketing can happen for him, with a strong work ethic and a dream, it can happen for anyone!

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21 Comments on “Network Marketing Success Stories: The Restaurant Owner”

  1. wonderful leadership and knowledge from Eugene Hong.  We are so blessed to have you as our leader and I love to see all you do for each of us and your family.  You struggled but you also conquered. 

  2. Awesome success story of Eugene! Noted quite a few lessons. Most important one being, the small business owners around us can be our best prospects, if we approach right (or keep asking until they decide to take a look :p ). 
    And I loved it how he continued even after his leaders left. That’s the qualifying moment for most successful leaders in our industry I guess. Thanks Eugene for inspiring. Thanks Art sir for sharing this wonderful story. 

  3. If you are a small business owner (a restaurant owner like Eugene may be), but struggling with time, you need to see Eugene’s story. #DirectSelling   #HomeBasedBusiness   #TimeFreedom  

  4. Congrats to Eugene for fulfilling one of what I expect is many dreams in his life.

  5. Thanks for inspiring success story. I always loves to hear success stories cause it gives me a lot of inspirations. My respect to the Restaurant Owner

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