Network Marketing Success Story: The Construction Worker

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Network Marketing Success Stories: The Construction Worker
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

In this episode of "Network Marketing Success Stories," Jerry Scribner takes the Mastermind Event stage for the first time. Jerry shares the story of his friend Bob, sheds light on the possibilities of the people you meet and the impact of a residual income when bad things happen.

The next person you meet, you'll have a decision:
"Do I talk to them about my business, or do I not?"

The next time that decision comes up, I want you to think about Bob's story. We have no idea the pain someone may be going through in life or if something in the future will happen when they'll truly need a Network Marketing residual income.

Q: How can I increase the sponsoring activity on my team?
A: Watch this video… to the end. Then share it with everyone on your team! Let "Bob's Story" move their heart and inspire them to talk to more people about their business.

At age 31, Jerry Scribner was dead broke, drowning in credit card crisis mode and living on a construction worker's income. That's when he was introduced to Network Marketing. Today he is the #12 earner in a $860 million company. Thanks to Network Marketing, today Jerry and his family are living the life of their dreams.

Jerry believes with all her heart that if this kind of success in Network Marketing can happen for him, with a strong work ethic and a never quit attitude, it can happen for anyone!

Share this video with others to help build their belief in Network Marketing. The stronger their belief, the faster they'll achieve success.

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Video courtesy of the Direct Selling Mastermind Event®



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    Amaizing, what Network Marketing offers to each and every person on this God created place, called Earth!!!

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