Network Marketing Success Tips: How To Deal With Rejection

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Network Marketing: How To Deal With Rejection

Let's face it, no body like to be rejected. It's the number one reason most Network Marketers get discouraged and quit. It reminds me that saying in the 90's "Talk to the hand!"

That can be the end of the road for some people but it doesn't have to be. I'm going to give you some tips to deal with rejection and to give you the motivation to keep going.

Pre-Qualify Them

One of the best ways to deal with less rejection is to use a lead capture page. This will pre-screen your prospects and narrow it done to the ones that at least have a slight interest. A lead capture page/squeeze page offers value in exchange for the persons info (usually their name, email, and phone number). Most have the option to what information you want to capture but I recommend all three. This is especially important when you are new and don't have a downline because you should be talking to everyone that gives you their number. The value you give can be offering them a free something such as a watching a video or giving away training PDFs.

After they opt-in they have been pre-screened and you know that they are interested. Now, they may or may not have looked at your presentation but most lead capture pages also have auto-responder email messages that go out to these leads to further pre-screen them. At this point, you should call them to see if they are open to learning more about what you are offering.

Before your call, get pumped up! Have enthusiasm and smile, they will notice and it make the conversation better. It is important to have professional posture when talking to prospects. Remember that you are in control. It also helps if you believe in your products and opportunity. It speaks volumes if you get behind your products and use them yourself.

What To Do When Rejection Strikes

Number 1 Mistake: Emotional Attachment

Don't fall apart when a prospect says NO to your business. It is easier said than done but we must realize that MLM is just like any business – mixing emotions with it is a recipe for disaster.

When a prospect says NO, we must not take it personally because most of the time they are saying no to the opportunity and not YOU. They might not believe in themselves or they might be having things on their mind at this point of time. They might say YES in the future so don't dissolve friendships just because they don't join you. Personally, I keep an excel spreadsheet on everybody that said no, so I can call them back at a later date and see if they would be open to looking at what I have to offer.

The worst thing can happen is that you start feeling sorry for yourself and brood or complain about the business. If you let the NOs sap your excitement, it creates a domino effect which will kill your business for good. Don't let this happen to you!

Go For NO

In Richard Fenton's Go for no! Yes, is Destination, No is How you Get There book he teaches that in order to get "YES!" you have to get some "NOs" along the way. This is a great perspective and outlook. FACT: You will not get 100% of the people you prospect.

Look at the Nos as a getting closer to your "YES"! As soon as you hear a No, just think of it as NEXT. Don't be rude, because you can call them back later. Just move on to the next lead. So, if you are only talking to one person a week, this will end up being a long process, the more you talk to the quicker that "YES" will come.

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