network marketing success tips: Zero-$36k in 6 Months!

Learn how Marion's mlm leads caused her network marketing success with this system:

Here's a very detailed blog post on exactly how to generate QUALITY mlm leads.

If you're looking on youtube for network marketing success tips, most likely you are just starting your network marketing business or have been struggling to get it off the ground.

3 years ago I worked hard for 4 months to sponsor my 1st person!

Fast forward to today and I'm waking up to an inbox full of leads and at least 1 person per week joining my business BEFORE I even get a chance to talk to them!

How about that for network marketing success?! lol!

What I've learned from plugging into a system that works and learning from people who have personally sponsored over 1000 people in a single year…. has completely changed my life!!

I'm not going to go into it all here but if you want network marketing success tips, watch this video now

Here's a passage from my good friend Rob Fore
Network Marketing Success in 3 Steps

While searching for the "Holy Grail", the Magic Pill and Inside Secrets to network marketing success we discovered, without exception, that all major six-figure, multiple six-figure and even mind boggling 7-figure income earners had all embrace the same proven three-step success model:

Connect with people
Direct people to a simple presentation
Follow up to collect a decision
That's it. So while everyone seems to build their business differently — dig deeper — and you'll find they are all doing the same exact things! Three steps. Connect. Direct. Enroll.

The BOTTLE NECK in the process for most struggling networks is in the connection process. In other words, once you have run out of "warm market" to present your business to — those people with whom you already have a relationship — now what? Now WHO do you connect with and how do you go about it? And the answer plunks us right smack into the wonder world of marketing which is far to "deep" to address here.

But the good news is there is a proven solution. There is a MAGIC PILL to connecting with people we don't know. It's called attraction marketing and you can learn more about the process right here, right now absolutely free…



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  1. Terrific video, it’s interesting the quantity of responses you’ve got. Many thanks for posting. I am looking forward to the next video.

    1. Thanks Rob! I don’t know why these people think that their spammy comment is going to stand out amongst all the other spammy comments yet they all keep doing it.. on every video of mine that gets a lot of views lol. I used to bother to delete them but now I just ignore it

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    1. Thanks John!! Really enjoyed shooting it. I’m thinking I’ll be back in Orlando soon

  4. This sounds incredible, and I learned a thing or two from the video.  I am really happy for this lady.

    1. I really like your video and mainly the tips for network marketing. These are really special and I am going try it out. Moreover, I am working as network marketer for which is a quite reliable source in this market. 

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