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If you are new and/or struggling at Network Marketing, there's a good chance it is because you are coming at it with very little information. I myself didn't have much success in the beginning, and that's because I thought I knew what I was doing with it, I thought, well, I'm an intelligent guy I can figure it out. Honestly, the best thing I ever did was admit I didn't know, because then I was able to realise that there are people out there earning money in these businesses, and they must have done it somehow!

People who have succeeded often have network marketing systems that they've used and more often than not are willing to share. I surrendered myself to this and took a proven system and followed it to a tee and lo and behold I went from 1 sale a week on average to 25 in a month, because I realised this guy must be doing stuff his way for a reason.

What I've come to realise is, we need to lose our egos to some respect in these businesses, by which I mean, we need to simply realise, we don't know everything, of course we don't we're new in this business, what do we know about it? Ok we have an inkling but in all honesty, there's a reason a new clothing company finds it hard, they're finding their feet and trying to make a name for themselves and figure out the methods of working that best suits their industry. The bonus with this type of business is, we aren't in competition with one another, and you aren't going to find another Network marketer trying to put you out of business, there's plenty to go round.

Once you have used proven network marketing systems and know how to work it then and only then, you can faff around with it and try and see if your methods work, because then you can afford a bit more trial and error, plus you'll be more knowledgeable and aware of how to tackle your ideas.

A lot of this is about mind-set, often, what you think is true. I don't mean that if you are negative about yourself that you should be, what I mean is that if your thought process is that the network marketing systems won't work for you, then it won't, because subconsciously you won't let it, your brain doesn't want to make you a liar and so reinforces the negative thought, if you think positively you are going to see more opportunity and be able to grab it, simply put, the glass can either been seen as STILL having half left, or ONLY having half left.



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