Network Marketing Training: How to Approach and Talk to Prospects

NO BS NO HYPE MLM Training by Simon Chan. Learn how to properly approach and invite your prospects to look at your home business and MLM opportunity.

Learn what to say to the people you know (both warm and cold market) so that they will be interested to learn more about your business.

This is IMPORTANT TRAINING especially for new associates who want a fast start to their business.

When it comes to inviting, make sure you are "Selling the meeting and NOT the business." Don't make the 5 Deadly Mistakes that most distributors make.

To learn about the 5 Deadly Mistakes that distributors make with prospecting, please go to:

Simon Chan is a speaker, writer and coach to distributors in the Direct Selling industry. For more info about Simon Chan, please visit .



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11 Comments on “Network Marketing Training: How to Approach and Talk to Prospects”

  1. Another great piece, Simon.  I have already recommended it highly to my team and added it to my list of suggested resources for new Brand Partners. My company places a tremendous value on personal development (with Jeff Olson as CEO that should be no surprise, so) I’ve heard most of these individual ideas many times from many sources, but never in such a logical order or so simply presented. Your insights on categorizing the list and customizing the approach are the best I’ve heard anywhere. You are quickly becoming one the most trusted and influential sources of personal-development for me and my team. The knowledge you share is changing many lives.  Thank you.  =]

    1. John, thanks for the kind words and glad it is helping.  You guys have a great CEO who and it’s no surprise you’re growing so quickly because of the super leadership training and self development culture he has built into the company

  2. Simon are you Open Minded for new opportunity? We have Top Income Earners from Nerium coming over already to this new one. Holler back!

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