Network Marketing Training | The Colors Of Personality

– Steve Gaghagen of Online Techniques teaches a powerful concept of communication using a personality identification system based on the Hartman Personality test. This session was held on 06/22/2013, and Steve was Guest Hosting Janet Legere's "Get Live Training" session.



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  1. I absolutely love it. Clears up a lot of questions and makes things WAY easier. Thank you so much for this video

  2. Yellow is assosiated with Estrogen
    Blue is assosiated with Dopamine
    Green is assosiated with Serotonine
    Red is assosiated with Testosterone

  3. I love your video! Just what I needed to hear now! I love a lot of the remarks as well! I’ll be checking out some more of your rock star videos, please check out mine too! Thanks and God bless!

  4. amazing vid. hey if anyone would like to associate and expand our circles of influence here online, come check out my youtube and subscribe =) I believe we can be friends and share value with one another. see you entrepreneurs !

  5. The only thing I figured out about myself is that I have multiple color personality disorder. I always put others first, I am OCD on research and details, I love having fun and want a job that’s fun and has freedom… so I guess I’m a Grellue. I also speak loud or soft depending on my mood and my focus.

    1. +Jennifer P – Hahahaha. Yeah, most of us are a mishmash of different color indicators. You sound like a Yellow/Blue or Blue/Yellow personality to me. I’m the same. Please, don’t ask me to do anything with numbers in it … lol. :-O

    2. +Steve Gaghagen That’s the weird thing, I do people’s taxes for fun. I am mostly green at my core as I am the one who will go for a walk and take every side street because I have to know what’s there. I don’t do anything without every little detail. I am a questioner who always has more questions than anyone wants to answer… I’m also eccentric and love bright bold colors and have a truck a teen would love to have it’s loud and obnoxious and I love it. I love to explore. I love playful fun. And…lol… if someone is in trouble I sacrific my own needs to help them sometimes to the point of hurting myself. So I’ll just settle on different and odd… haha. I explored psychology from a need to help and a need to know, have an accounting degree, and finally settled in marketing where I can help people, make money for security, and let my need for knowledge go nuts. If you know the myer briggs I’m an INFJ… so just plain odd.

    3. +Jennifer P IMHO “odd” is good. (Y) It’s a lot more interesting not to fit these things too exactly (Hartman, Myers-Briggs, etc). After all, they’re only signposts designed to shine a light on what you MIGHT be dealing with, based on statistical probability, in the way of motivations of behaviors when analyzing others or yourself. It seems to me that those folks who don’t just fit neatly into a “psychological profile” of some type are the ones making their own roads and reacting honestly with less attention to “peer pressure” and the images other folks have of them. Congratulations on being odd! :-).

    4. Jennifer P
      hey message me on FB I can totally relate to the wanting to do my own thing and wanting to be my own boss.

  6. Thank you very much for your presentation Steve, it was very educational and clarified me a lot of doubts that I had about the matter.

  7. How does this differ from “The Color Code” by Taylor Hartman, besides the colors are changed?

    1. It doesn’t. That is the basis of this. I just learned it this way, so that’s how I teach it. 😉

  8. Is there a test you can take to show the percentages in each area using the colors you use?? The colorcode test is actually different in a few ways…

    1. Yeah … the Colorcode test uses different colors. But … if you look at what the makeup of each of them is, you’ll see that the qualities of each correspond to this color scheme. There are many different color schemes out there and even “A-B-C-D” categories. But, if you look at the characteristics of each you will see how they correlate to the R-B-G-Y system used here. The percentages remain the same.

      Using the color code we use here, if you watch closely I talk about the percentages. Yellow and Green make up 35% of the population each … for a total of about 70%. So … when you answer the phone on a business call … you have a 70% chance of speaking to a Green or Yellow … before anybody opens their mouths. The other 30% is 1.2 Blue and 1/2 red … meaning 15% of the population is Blue and 15% is red. In your conversation you can quickly determine what you’re dealing with. You can use the voice and tone … reds and blues will not be soft and easily led. They’ll speak out very clearly and with force and excitement (for the blue) or impatience (for the red). Yellows and greens will be softer and more willing to follow you in the conversation. Greens will have more questions. Once you get an impression from how they sound … then you ask the pivitol questions:

      1: So ,,, hat do you do for a living now?

      A Blue is going to do something like acting, performing, teaching skydiving or skiing. That kind of thing.
      A Red will be the CEO of his own company. A Lawyer. A politician, etc.
      A Green will be an accountant, a research scientist, a librarian.
      A Yellow will be a nurse, a school counsellor, or a psychologist.

      You can see how those correspond to the characteristics prevalent in the individual colors.

      If you have a soft voiced, very polit person on the line and you ask what she or he does and they tell you they work with disabled children in a hospital … the great probability is you have a Yellow personality.

      Similarly with a soft spoken, polite person who tells you they do the bookkeeping for branch of a major corporations … well, he’s green

      Someone who speaks louder, faster, and more forcefully and tells you they teach rock climbing and guide rafting trips down the Colorado is going to be a Blue.

      And someone who speaks in the same manner as the Blue, but tells you he runs his own investment company … and then insists on telling you how many people he employs and emphasizes how short a period of time it took him to achieve all this … is a Red.

      The second big question besides “What do you do” is , “And how do you like that job”?

      Because, if someone who is soft spoken and polite (probably yellow at that point), and tells you they work as a nurse, replies, “Not too much. I don’t mean to be derogatory, but all those sick people really tend to bring me down. It gets in the way of the mindset I need to achieve my goals” ….. well then, in spite of the voice and the job … you’ve got a red.

      And so on down the line.

      Doing this and using it effectively is an art form. When you know what a personality needs, you can give it to them. For instance, with a green … talk about your company’s payplan. Show them every single bit of info you have on it and then let them figure it all out for themselves. Don’t stop answering their questions … just give them more and more information … until their sated and come to a conclusion.

      With a Blue … talk about all the fun cruises your team can go on over the coming year, and the get togethers for networking, etc. They’ll be FUN … and that’s what the Blue wants.

      With a Yellow, talk about how your products are safe for children and the environment. Howthey help families live healthier lives.

      With a Red … well, they can be difficult. Show them the products, the payplan, how many people are joining and how quickly … provide some info on the size of the network marketing industry … and then leave them alone. They will either join you or not. If they do … they will not follow your system. They’ll invent their own. Let them.

  9. Hey nice channel!

    We’re just launching our our channel and dig what you’re doing. We could no doubt learn a lot from you. Keep up the admirable work and we’ll be keeping an eye out for some more of your videos 🙂

    Deepak and the team at Purr Traffic

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