Olympic Idea Compensation Plan and Olympic Idea Presentation (Official English Video)

OlympicIdea is in my opinion the most promissing MLM of 2015. It is still on pre-launch. You can pre-enroll here: and contact me directly in skype: mike.mingos in order to get your position quickly.

OlympicIdea is an innovative new program that blends Affiliate marketing with Multi-Level marketing rules and it seems very interesting because it really has a product with value that the users can transform in a wonderful tool, according to their needs.

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In most MLM companies, you have a product or service that you cannot change or adopt it to your needs… well with Olympic Idea you can adjust the tool to cover your market needs.

OlympicIdea's master plan is to connect consumers with Small or Medium Enterprises and with Business owners. We all know that in this kind of market, consumers are searching for offers, deals, discounts and coupons all the time. On the other hand, business owners are in desperate need for advertising and tools to penetrate into the Internet. Even if a company has a website, the real question is "who visits it"?

That's exactly where OlympicIdea fits into the situation to adjust the relationship between consumers and business owners.

Member's of Olympic Idea, after they pay their registration charge, they instantly gain access to the back workplace, where they can have easy access to the following 2 solutions: – Access to Olympic Deals, Olympic Discounts,and Olympic Freebies (thus Free Services & Products). All these are deals and offers offered from different business / businessmen to the participants of Olympic Idea. – The ability to become independent representative of Olympic Idea, at no additional cost and gain money by advertising the idea to other participants or entrepreneur.

Merchants that are signed up with OlympicIdea acquire access to fantastic promotion devices such as a free of cost site, an electronic shop and the possibility to advertise their items in a club of excellent quality customers.

Founded in December 2013, Olympic Idea provides its Members markdowns, offers and substantial buying benefits when buying offline or online. Olympic Idea has actually made a network which consists from Club Members (the customers) and Loyalty Merchants so that they can both advantage: Members (Consumers) are qualified for price cuts, while Loyalty Merchants utilize and market online devices, so that they acquire even more devoted consumers.

Olympic Idea preliminary milestone was to assist Small or Medium Enterprises to stand out from the competition, by supplying them unique online devices, that are easy to utilize and designate reps to assist them out usage these devices wisely for their very own promotion.

Our Vision

Olympic Idea's vision is to have satisfied customers that are reducing great discount rates and deals each month, out of the signed up Merchants. Our plans are to expand in all nations that great deals of Small or Medium Sized merchants already existing, and aid them acquire excellent promo devices and brand-new clients at a really origin rate.

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  1. Hi Mike, I’m not sure I understand where the profit is coming from. Do I only make money because people below me are signing up and paying the fee?

    1. Hi Anthony. The benefit is from the discounts you get from merchants and the profit comes from the commissions that you get from people that join the club because of you but also from the merchants that joined the club because of you. You can find me in skype : mike.mingos

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