Our Truth Behind Network Marketing Recruiting

Our Truth Behind Network Marketing Recruiting. Bill and I have a heart felt message about the truth behind network marketing recruiting. This was not an easy video for us to make as you will see and I do realize we will probably get some negative feedback but we feel this message needs to be heard. What we hope is the positive that will come out of this will outweigh the negative and give many hope that you can be a successful network marketing via online marketing strategies even if your upline / company tells you otherwise.



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4 Comments on “Our Truth Behind Network Marketing Recruiting”

  1. Great video, but you did not say much. I get that online marketing works, but there are many, many online sources out there but you did not discuss any real results. So, my question is, before MLSP what where your results and strictly using MLSP what were your results – how many new additional reps did you add and how much did you grow you team and how long did it take. You said a lot but did not say what was really important, the results.

  2. Talked to a public figure from Hawaii who was with Body by V business he struggled for years and found MLSP, within weeks he sky rocketed prospecting. I believe in you guys, definitely gonna get in. Thanks guys. 

  3. Thank you. I am finally learning how to make money in network marketing myself. Feel free to see what I have said from my past experience at my channel. Blessings!

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