Paycation Compensation Plan – Full Video for Paycation Travel


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Paycation Brazil
Paycation Mexico
Paycation Argentina
Paycation Colombia
Paycation Venezuela
Paycation Chile
Paycation Peru
Paycation Ecuador
Paycation Dominican Republic
Paycation Guatemala
Paycation Panama
Paycation Costa Rica
Paycation Bolivia
Paycation Uruguay
Paycation Paraguay
Paycation El Salvador
Paycation Trinidad and Tobago
Paycation Honduras
Paycation Nicaragua
Paycation Jamaica
Paycation Haiti
Paycation Suriname
Paycation The Bahamas
Paycation Guyana
Paycation Barbados
Paycation Belize
Paycation Antigua and Barbuda
Paycation Saint Lucia
Paycation Grenada
Paycation Saint Kitts and Nevis
Paycation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Paycation Dominica



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5 Comments on “Paycation Compensation Plan – Full Video for Paycation Travel”

  1. Hi David. I am in Paycation and I would like to thank you for such an informative  video.  I am gonna use this to explain to potential partners.If I may I would like to point out the matter of the 8% of the monthly fee. The company takes out 19.95 out of the 59.95 so the 8% is of 40.00 and not the 59.95. ( 8% of 40.00 =3.20) Someone asked about it and I had to explain. Thanks again. “The world is yours to see and you should see it.”

    1. Yes, that is correct – didn’t know that when I made the video.

  2. Another question. In order for a person to get at least the  $60.00 monthly residual  from levels 1 and 2 being filled in their matrix, must these two levels be personal recruits OR can levels 1 and 2 be qualified by people of the people that a person recruits. ( the question is regarding the 60.00 for a person who asked. I never really understood.

    1. you must have at least 1 direct sale to earn from the matrix commissions.

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