Phone Burner Sales Lead Prospecting Tutorial for MLM Phone Recruiting

The Phone Burner is a great tool for dialing lots of leads especially if you're in the MLM industry or insurance or real estate. If you're looking to use the phone burner for sales lead prospecting for your mlm, then this tutorial is for you. I highly recommend this video training for lead prospecting using the phone burner.

Sales and Marketing expert Jim Lewis demonstrates to call MLM / Network marketing leads. This is a major time saver if you're prospecting leads of any type for nearly any type of business. Here in this demo I will walk you through a tutorial on how to set up your account. There are some major time savers and tips I go through here.

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  1. Great Video i’m going to use this for my Shaklee business under Create My Future in January 2016 when I quit my Corporate America job.

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