Prospecting for MLM on Facebook – Jessica Higdon & Eric Worre Crack the Code

— Jessica Higdon is a top MLM recruiter and she relies heavily on Facebook to make it happen.

This video outlines how she does it, but for a more in depth review check out my blog, where you can buy the course if you so decide. It is well worth the money!



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20 Comments on “Prospecting for MLM on Facebook – Jessica Higdon & Eric Worre Crack the Code”

  1. I’m confused,if she’s making all this money in her business,why is she selling this course for,does she need the money?

    1. +Charlie Robles, it’s the free enterprise system….she should profit from her knowledge, not give it away.

    2. She is a serial entrepreneur. You don’t stop making money just because you made some once…

  2. Interesting info…not really much new here…two years old…ends with a sales pitch

  3. Excellent information. I feel like this alone is worth $297 .. Great job Jessica. I will be checking more of your stuff out. 🙂

  4. HEY JESS i have been struggling now for 4 months to get prospects for my company i have tried everything so ty so much for this video i will def try formula

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