Qualifying and Inviting Prospects – Success Training for Network Marketing / MLM

Qualify and Inviting Prospects is one of the most important steps in building a successful network marketing business. Following a plan for successful recruiting is essential to building the residual income side of any network marketing business.

This video preview highlights the six steps to the "inviting formula". Discover how to qualify and invite your network marketing prospects to take a look at your business. Learn how to walk and talk to people and leverage yourself to wealth by overcoming the most common objections.

Follow the six steps to the inviting formula and uncover what it takes to become a prospecting and recruiting master. These six steps can be used to help qualify and invite prospects to take a look at your business. Most successful network marketers know that if you can get enough people to look your business a certain percentage are going to join and a small percentage will make up a large part of your income.

The 6 steps of the "Inviting Formula"

Step #1 Greet the Prospect

Be cordial, inviting and personable. Ask a set of questions to find out the points of common ground between you and your prospect. Be "interested" not interesting".

Step #2 Qualify the Prospect

Find out what they need and what want. More importantly find out what they don't want — this is their "hot button" and the trigger to use during your qualification process.

Step #3 Invite the Prospect

Make sure you invite them only if you feel that they are a good match based on your qualifications.

Step #4 Follow Up

Remember: the fortune is in the follow-up!

Step #5 Overcoming Objections

I don't have time, I don't know anyone, I don't have any money, etc. You must learn to deal with the most common objections.

Step #6 Sign them up!

Once you've completed all the above steps, it's time to seal the deal and sign them up.

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