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    1. Wow that some great advice and strategy. Also we present another strategy at our site that is working well for networkers.

    1. Robert Spiller Ray Higdon was part of the Numis Network which then merged with WorldVentures then he sold his position to able to make a living from public speaking so currently he is not in MLM but does have alot of good Information cause he has gone through it .

      Thanks…so tell me Jellybean, which company did you decide to join?  And are you in the United States

      WorldVentures…is that a travel opportunity?  And are you using what Ray speaks about to help you recruit?

    4. Wow that some great advice and strategy. Also we present another strategy at our site that is working well for networkers.

  1. Why all the dislikes??? This dude is AWESOME! Only 20 minutes into the video and I’m hooked! 😉

  2. Hi I’m Anniza, a 17 years old senior high school student. I’m new in the networking world so i really struggle in how to find qualified prospects and it really is hard to gain someone’s trust especially when they look down on me because i’m still young and i don’t have any experience in this field to share with.. By the way, I live in the Philippines and most people here are quite close minded and negative thinkers. Can I ask you some advice on what I should do?

    1. First of all your age or your experience doesn’t matter. When it comes to finding prospects it’s not about how perfect you are, how great your words is it’s all about burning desire you have and timing of Prospect. Yes it’s important to have strong relationship but in the end you can’t say wrong things to the right people. You’re only looking people want to make money and really wanna change their lives. It’s sorting not convincing. You can connect with people online or offline but don’t try to be sales person or spam them. Say hi, how are you? Do you live in city? Etc. Then peak their interest. Say as little as possible to as many people as you can. Also you have to use edification and 3rd party expert to present your opportunity in order to people take your opportunity serious. Write “Robert Hollis Edification” to youtube and watch those videos. You said people are negative in here. You have to know people are negative, comfortable in everywhere so most people will say no to you that’s a fact. That’s why we’re sorting. Also i know a lot of successful people where you live so you can do it as well Just don’t quit.

    2. Hi Anniza, First of all I commend you for having the courage to enter the industry, despite being surrounded by negativity and opposition. The first piece of advice I can give is make an investment in daily personal development. There is an old saying “If you want to be a leader, you have to be a reader.” Dive into books, audios, articles and every piece of content you can get your hands on. I suggest you devote 10 – 15 minutes per day to reading or listening to an audio on networking, business, communication etc. Secondly, a person who may look at you a certain way because of how old you are, that is a reflection of their own limitations and not yours. You will command the respect of your elders and peers no matter how old you are through hard work and dedication to your craft. Get excited, pay attention and never quit. Remember, you’re not looking for everyone, you’re only looking for the people who are looking for you and looking for change. There is so much more that can be said, but I’ll leave you with this. The only one qualified to stop you from succeeding in life is you, our greatest opponent is the person we see every morning in the mirror. Remain hungry, humble and teachable and you will go far. Anniza I hope this helps. May the Lord richly bless you and your business.

      P.S. I look forward to seeing you on someones stage one day!


  3. Awesome, im reading How to Win and Influence for the second time as well. Does help to sharpen up the skills.. Tx R

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