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  1. Now I can see why most Americans are broke, they would rather watch some stupid TV series every night than listen to this guy. Wow!

    1. Your so right about this Jantarika, they don’t play nothing but garbage on TV and it makes Americans that much more stupid

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  2. Most people are NOT willing to pay the price to set themselves financially free. They so much believe in working for others for a paid JOB than believing in their ability to work for themselves and have financial freedom. They want that IMMEDIATE gratification.Oh! I wish people would understand the power of network marketing.

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  3. In network marketing myself, gotta say glad I’m in it. If anyone wants to lower their electric bill or sell gas/electric and wireless at a low cost send me a message

  4. Why would I trust the advice of someone who has never done network marketing nor direct sales about network marketing and direct sales?

    1. starting a business from scratch is a pain in the the anus and cost a lot, depending on what type of business you are starting. Network Markwting companues have already done most of the leg work and have the product, you just need to gather the clients. i have tried both and Net Marketing is a lot easier.

    2. +Tony Santiago We know that, but why would someone who doesn’t believe someone who doesn’t do the business themself?

    3. Because business is his realm, and one should absorb knowledge from those that have the experience and success one is trying to achieve. But, what one believes is what one chooses to believe, take all info with a grain of salt and just use what you can in your ways.

    4. The reason him and so many other millionaires back network marketing is because they know the average person can’t/wont build a successful business mostly due to money reasons and knowledge. mlm is super cheap and usually has a great mentor system. Anyone can do mlm they just have to have the drive.

  5. This guy earns his living strictly off the MLM industry. Just another self-help guru taking advantage of the 80+% failing in this industry annually.

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  8. Never forget to INVEST-igate! Always look for company that are already existing 10 yrs and above. In the PHILIPPINES when a friend introduce network marketing to me the number one importan thing that i did was i investigate his company and there i found my life’s purpose!

  9. Robert’s 4 quadrants are the blueprint that allowed me to see the employment mentality for what it really is, and to embrace entrepreneurship.
    On a side note, I just discovered an amazing way to recruit exclusively online, and I’ve built a massive e-mail list in just a short period of time. Here’s the video, if you guys want to take your businesses to the next level! Cheers!
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