Social Media Recruiting for Network Marketing

This Training is on Social Media Recruiting for Network Marketing. Using some of facebook's features you can custom tailor who you would like to recruit for your mlm. Social Media Network Marketing Recruiting in addition to warm market and MLSP are the top 3 sources that I use to build my primary business. Learn how to use social media to recruit people that share your likes and interests is active prospecting, warm market is recruiting people that already know, like, and trust you. MLSP is a tool I use to market online and attract the people who are already searching for network marketing, mlm, or business opportunities and get me and what I'm doing in front of them.

I realize MLSP may be new news to you, this is where I started

This is the link from the video on how to Stay Out of Facebook Jail



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  2. Hey Ron! Why are you targeting people in your area? What would you do different for international search?

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