Social Media Training – 9 Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

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This might be a controversial Social Media Training and I’m certain some of this you’re never going to hear your Network Marketing company teach, but you do want to grow your business right?…

Being a top recruiter in my Network Marketing company and also creating a 7- figure business online, I’ve learned A LOT when it comes to Social Media.

I took my business online in 2010 and now more than 88% of my business is now built through Social Media…. And that’s why I love everything that revolves around Social Media Training and getting better for you so you can copy my successes!

This week, I’m sharing 9 of my favorite Social Media training tips for Network Marketers so you can generate more business towards your product, service, or opportunity and start attracting more people to you on your profile.

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24 Comments on “Social Media Training – 9 Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. Hi Tanya, I am wondering how you use the same strategy of keeping your company secret when you’re positioning yourself from a product perspective. I am utilizing my professional medical background for branding, and I’ll definitley post lots of lifestyle stuff. I’m feeling confused about how to position for product while keeping it secret. I totally get why you’re doing that though! Love your videos and downloads, thanks! =)

  2. Hey! Awesome advice! Thanks! I can use some tips for my online business. It’s actually my own product. Very unique to me. What advice can you offer me as far as marketing to my audience on FB? Check out my site to get some insights on it.

    1. Tanya Aliza can you send me a link to where I can access this information? I can’t find it on your site

  3. Wonderful video!!! great tips, can not wait to use them! I definitely have lots of homework to do on my profile. 😉

  4. my upline is pushing me to go through my contact list and whatnot. I just don’t feel comfortable with the script and cold calling people to join me. I want to sell my product and find people that want to join me organically

    1. I would do both if you want to move through your business fast! It might take a bit of time for people to find you, so get confident about what you represent and help others with it too! You don’t want your friends to mad at you when you hit the top and you didn’t at least invite them to the top with you right?

  5. Wow! Tanya, I’ve watched 4 of your video’s so far and I must say… are absolutely AMAZING!!!. Thank you for the great information!

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