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What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is all about providing value to your target market in ways that will help them solve their problems. The reason why this works is because people only do business with those they know like and trust and if you're trying to build a business online giving value is the #1 way to build trust in the internet marketing/Network Marketing space.

When you give value naturally people are going to want to know more about what you do and then you can direct them through your sales funnel to see your company presentation.

This is what I've done to build a list of nearly 10,000 subscribers and make dozens of sales on a weekly basis.

So if you're trying to make $1,000's online and generate an extra 10-30 leads per day without having to prospect people or bug friends and family then watch this “Attraction Marketing Formula” video and feel free to share it with others!

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25 Comments on “THE ATTRACTION MARKETING FORMULA To Get 10-30 Leads Per Day Online”

  1. Hi Nick. 4 Months into my MLM business doing a lot of research and studying other professional. Came across this video and bookmarked it immediately (Gonna watch it over and over) Learned a lot here and just want to thank you for all the tips. Definitely going to apply them to my group on FB. Take care and cheers

    1. Hannes Hatem hey there, how has this advise worked out for you? Have you been staying consistent?

  2. Nick, great video! where do you normally get your lead magnets/content from? Do you recommend using PLR and/or affiliate content? Thanks!!

  3. Hey Nick- just want to say your content is very refreshing my friend thank you so much for delivering this glad I found you sir!!!!!

  4. should i use my personal profile, I use to get alot of hate from people because I would tag them in the post to get my post more out there.
    should i start a new profile?

  5. Nick, Thank You for the “Value”. this is business in the 21st Century. fledgling babyboomer mlm. action, action, action.

  6. I hope you guys got a ton of value out of this. Also putting together an E-book that I feel will change the game for those of you that are serious about learning the online marketing game. If you wanna check that out I know you’re gonna love it! It talks about everything you can do to turn the engagement on your social media pages to leads and sales on the backend… Check it out!

  7. Hey Nick, My name is Nancie Fox. I live in Tx and just signed up as a promoter last nite! I’ve been in the natural healing business for 30 yrs. Started out thinking I would be a Physician Asst after graduating from medical asst. That didn’t last long during my intern with a dr. I found myself treating patients with the knowledge of trigger point therapy, massage therapy and meridian work which I learned in the 70’s! I’ve been practicing in my own business now for 30 yrs. Because of 3 car accidents (none my fault btw) it left me with degenerating discs in my low back and neck. I ended up having to have rods & scores in my low back to be able to walk and now I’m told I need neck surgery. I lost the use of my arm a couple weeks in June ’17 and had to get neck injections. One of my clients who is a nurse turned me on to Thrive. I tried the product for 3 days and the immediate response I had on the “first day” was Amazing! I didn’t even have to take the oral steroid and felt great!! I slept great and awoke feeling FANTASTIC! I’m sold on this product and want to “Thank You” for giving such good advice. The first thing this am I woke up, took my Thrive and got online to view the video’s that were sent to me! I’m really pumped up with helping my clients, friends and family feeling great and bringing their body back to how God made it to work….Heal thy Self with High Quality Nutrients, cause when the body has all of it’s tools it will Rebuild and work to bring your life back to a happy and healthy state of existence! Bye for Now

  8. I wasn’t actually prepared for all you shared – but WOW! Can’t wait to put it into practice – and yes, I took notes!

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