32 Comments on “The Biggest Recruiting Breakthrough In Network Marketing In 10 Years (Full Webinar)”

  1. It really sounds too good to be true! But Im sure, if Mr. Worre tells that it works then it WORKS!

  2. This is incredible, it is a major BREAKTHROUGH!  I’ve been involved in mlm for 6 months now, i spent a lot of my time trying to set appts via phone call and it hardly ever worked. i got so frustrated because i felt that it was me who was coming off as annoying, the first tool or mlm book i used was the 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional by the man Eric worre himself and i studied it and used it as a manual to maneuver my way through the industry. i did everything in the book! but the calls were starting to piss me off! no one wanted to talk and it always felt like i was saying something wrong. This makes a lot of sense. No one talks on the phone anymore. thanks for up loading i feel much better now, time to fill up the calender!!

  3. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  After a lifetime career in Life Assurance sales… woof! woof!

  4. Great webinar, Eric. Please send me updates on the GO Pro Recruiting Mastery event.

  5. Awesome, that was very helpful to me. I liked the clarity and simplicity of it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.Especially on communication skills.

  6. Nice strategy…less stressful and more fun. But how can I use text to get people to live events? Apparently, texting gets you one-one appointment.

  7. Good video Eric. Very concise and actionable message. Thanks for sharing it.
    R.J. McBride III
    National Director of Sales,
    Initial Outfitters

  8. That is all well and great for those that have a warm market but what kind of text would you send to a cold market for the many that have no warm market like myself.

    1. Ryan Baloy…I struggle with being ‘Brief and to the Point’ however you summed my rant up with 4 letters! Thank you kind sir.

    2. Ryan Baloy…Absolutely! Go against the grain, be unconventional in the Network Marketing Industry and guide as many willing individuals to achieve their success…then and only then will you have obtained your own success. Just like guiding a young, beginning snowboarder…you/we can enjoy look back and saying ‘ I helped him learn how to snowboard’…That my friend is time you cannot put a price on!

      “Everything is Marketing and Marketing is everything!”—Andrew Lock

    3. Ryan Baloy…Ah…yes indeed. Research is our priority as Marketers…and what a Screen you have on your channel! Very good and well planned #001 2 minute episode…I see a Podcaster and/or an online TV venture…

  9. I just watched this today and compared the numbers based on your suggestion to text 10 today. (I did 12)

    Aug 21 (calls) VS. Aug 23 (text)
    43% LESS numbers contacted
    171% MORE replies
    238% MORE booked!

    1. So, you tried to make the same number of contacts, contacted fewer people, but booked more people into your business? Amazing!

  10. And if they don’t answer a text….take em off your list. This works and it’s a great sorter. If somehow a person you can’t get ahold of was magically in the company computer…but you still couldn’t talk to them you have nothing. You can only work with people that are interested enough to communicate with you.

    1. I’m not sure I agree. I sent a text to someone in September last year and I didn’t receive a reply. I sent the same person another text two weeks ago and yesterday she replied saying she is now ready to look at some information. If I’d taken her off my list back in September, I wouldn’t have sent her the second text a couple of weeks ago, and she probably wouldn’t have replied yesterday. Not replying to a text doesn’t mean it’s a no for ever, it just means it’s a no at the moment.

  11. Texting back fired big time for me because the prospects began asking me more about the business .

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